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Mountain Of Nigtingale

House of Mary which was found by the explorers at the time was 420 metres above the sea level, on the slopes of a mountain called Aladağ in Greek it is Salmissos (664 metres). Usually mountain of Nightingale is shown as a mountain next to it and called Koressos by the Greeks.

Mountain of Nightingale, is located in the south, 9 kilometres away from the antique arheological site of the city Ephesus. Today these ruins are in the border of Selçuk Municipality. The road connecting the town to the House of Mary wasn’t there at that time, only in 1950s travelling became covenient. For this reason visiting this holy place was difficult for many centuries.

After the news of discovery of the House of Mary known as Panaya Kapulu by the local people, Archbishop of İzmir, Andrea Timoni started an official investigation and the report prepared by the members of the commission who were put in charge of this investigation was corresponding clearly to the data covering Emmerich’s visions.

The report dated 1st January, 1892 is as follows: “Emmerich is saying about the location of the house: It is approximately 15 kilometres away from Ephesus on the right of the road coming from Jerusalem direction (that is to say from South to North), on the mountain (Mountain of Nightingale) which can be reached through a narrow long, tiring, paths in the South of Ephesus used by Mary, further from Ephesus (8 kilometres away from Ephesus, 12 kilometres from Pigeon Island-Kuşadası) but on the side where the sea is nearest (4 kilometres), on the summit where on one side sea is seen and on the other side Ephesus is seen…” all these details are certainly correct without any doubt: because the road from Ephesus to the House we followed took approximately three hours when we were climbing but it took two hours when we were coming down the hill.”

“Emmerich’s vision is cited as: “ Behind the House, at a short distance where there are rocks around…there was a castle where an ordinary prince who was a friend of John lived around a rocky place, it had a terrace deployed beautifully on top of a mountain…

So indeed twelve metres behind the House, there are rocky hills which are approximately 40-50 metres high. 15-20 minutes away, there remains the ruins of an ancient rectangular building in large blocks which is considered to be a castle.” (This castle, is located on the road of Aziziye-Çamlık on the right when going from south to the east)

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