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Reveletions of Blessed Catherine Emmerich

Local tradition which began in Şirince gained accuracy unexpectedly in the middle of November, 1890 when some priests who were living in İzmir read in French “The Holy Mary’s Life According to the Visions of Catherine Emmerich”.

A group of talented explorer, in the leadership of Lazarist Father Jung who was wise but sceptic about the event set out in order to crosscheck or disproof the mentioned things in the book, after some long investigations on 29th July, 1891 found the place called Panaya Kapulu in the described area.

After two days of meticulous and careful investigation of the place and an extended two weeks of more scientific expedition, made every kind of doubt disappear. Skeptics and unbelievers had to give in.

The ruins of the house in front of their eyes were exactly the same as how Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) who lived in a village in Westphalia on the banks of River Rhine (German side) and who was bedridden and motionless because of an illness, cited in detail the place although she has never seen or been to. As she was suffering from an incurable illness without motion in her bed, she had the consolation of seeing visions of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary’s life.

Afther her death (1842) “The Holy Mary’s Life According to the Visions of Catherine Emmerich” was published and it is written in the last parts of the book as: “After Jesus ascended into Heaven Mary lived in Zion (Jerusalem) for three years, then three years in Bethany and nine years in Ephesus. After Mary received an inner warning that she had to leave her homeland, she was brought to Ephesus along with some people by Saint John.”

And it is the book which helped to find the House of Mary again.

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