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From Jerusalem to Ephesus (Church of Ephesus)

None of the scriptures mention clearly about Saint John’s life from the descent of Holy Spirit (Pentecost) until he was exiled to Patmos Island. Similarly we have almost no information about the life of Mother Mary.

According to John’s Gospel where the death of Jesus is told, the people who were present under the cross were exactly these two people; Mary Mother of Jesus and the beloved deciple of Jesus, John. (John 19, 25-27)

Unique testimony we have about Saint John and Virgin Mary in the Scriptures is The Acts of Apostles which is written by Saint Luke. On the day of Pentecost the first Christian community came together in prayer, Mary was present along with all the faithful. (Acts. 1, 14)

The city of Ephesus, after Antioch which was above Alexandria and Orontes had the most population density, a big harbour and a very important trade center in the east.

In real terms it can be said that announcement of Gospel consistently in Ephesus started when Saint Paul lived here for three years. (54-57 AD)

In Ephesus the presence of Jews was highly remarkable. Saint Paul firstly started announcing Good News to Jews and continued this mission for three months.

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