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Indulgence (General Forgiveness of Sins)

Pope Pius X who was declared Blessed on 3rd June, 1951, expressed his personel opinions about Ephesus. On 5th April, 1905 he sent his fatherly blessings and good wishes to “Labourer of Panaya and Respected Explorers of Virgin Mary’s Tomb” telling them to continue their work. Moreover in 1914 in his last pilgrimage he announced indulgence (General Forgiveness of Sins) with his whole heart and he pledged the same indulgence for visiting Holy Places for Panaya also.

House of Mary, became a place of international Pilgrimage in 1950 when the dogma of “Assumption of Mary into Heaven” was officially declared. Then Pope Pius XII, announced that pilgrims visiting the little restored House of Mary would make use of general indulgence.

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