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Mary Mother of Church

“ As a matter of fact, Mother Mary (…) is accepted and respected as the real Mother of God and Saviour (…). She is also with her love in the Church is the true mother of all the members of the faithful who believes in Christ and thus helps their spiritual births.” (LG 53, A. Augustinus, virg. 6). “…Mary is the Mother of Christ, Mother of Church”. (Homily of Pope XI. Pavlus, 21st November 1964).

“Mother Mary moved with the same spirit as her Son Jesus in the journey of faith to the Cross keeping her unity and solidarity with him, because of her love she consented when Jesus who was born of her flesh presented his body as an offering on the cross and when he was suffering on the Cross he entrusted his mother to his disciple saying “Woman here is your son,” (John 19, 26-27).” (Cathechism of the Catholic Church no 963-964).

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