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Dormition of Mary

Since the first centuries Church Tradition and the Fathers’ of the Church declares that Virgin Mary assumpted into heaven.

The feast celebrated in the East since 6th century is called “Dormitio” or “Koimesis” (Falling into Asleep). Whereas in the West much later in the 7th and 8th centuries this belief gained clearness and since the 9th century it is celebrated as the “Feast of Assumption”.

Anna Katharina Emmerick, is saying about her visions about this issue: “I saw her maiden fell on the ground because of grief. She was wandering in the house where the deepest sarrow was dominating. Death, approached Mary in a visible form; she was lying on her bed waiting to meet her Son again in excitement and trembling. When it was night, Holy Virgin according to the will of Jesus was ready to bless apostles, desciples, followers and holy women and to leave Earth. I saw her sit on her bed, her face was very pale. Her room was open in all directions.

Holy Mary’s woman maiden, had brouhgt a table for prayers which is used as an altar with special clothes and burning candlesticks on it. Virgin kept on looking into Heaven submerged deeply in spiritual things without saying anything. She was pale and calm. Petrus smeared holy oil on her face, hands, feet and chest where a small part was open and this way she needn’t take off her clothes; finally he gave her Holy Communion.

Meanwhile apostles were saying prayers with low voices. At that time I saw a beam of light from heaven covered Mary, encircled her throughly and entered in her body. Then Virgin was overwhelmed deeply. At that time I had another wonderful vision: Mary’s room had no more roof and countless angel figures came down from heaven. Among them there was an illuminated way leading to heavenly Jerusalem. Then I saw Mary reach out her arms toward this illuminated way, immediately I saw on glittered clouds two chorus of angels who seperated her holy body from her soul and enclosed her body. After that her holy Body fell on the bed, she was motionless and her hands were crossed on her chest.” (Anna Katharina Emmerick’s Visions, 14th August 1821.

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