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Mary Mother of God

Theotókos (Greek Θεοτόκος, Lat. Deipara or Dei genetrix), is the title attributed to Holy Virgin Mother Mary on 22nd June, 431 during the Council of Ephesus.

“During the Council of Ephesus in 431, reality about Mary’s divine motherhood was announced grandiosely as the fact of Church’s faith to Christians, causing great happiness. Mary is the Mother of God (= Theotókos), since by the power of the Holy Spirit she conceived in her virginal womb and brought into the world Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is of one being with the Father. “The Son of God …born of the Virgin Mary… has truly been made one of us,” he became man. Thus, through the mystery of Jesus Christ, on the horizon of the Church’s faith there shines in its fullness the mystery of his Mother. In turn, the dogma of the divine motherhood of Mary was for The Council of Ephesus and is for the Church like a seal upon the dogma of the Incarnation, in which the Word truly assumes human nature into the unity of his person, without concealing out that nature.”

(Pope Saint John Paul II, Redemptoris Mater Genelgesi, no 4, 25th March, 1987).

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