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Atrium, Olive Road and Statue of Mary

The atrium which was located before the road taking to the place of worship when the House of Mary was discovered, was covered under 3 or 4 metres of soil. In 1894 this layer of soil was removed when a guest house was built here and the part which is seen today became visible.  

The olive trees on both sides of the way leading to Mary’s House were planted by Lazarist Fathers in 1898.

However, the statue of Mary at the end of the way of olive trees is a gift of a religious community in İzmir and dates back to 1867. It is placed in its today’s location in 1960 by Father François Saulais who was a member of Charles de Foucauld Order. He and Father Bouis, were in charge at the House of Mary on this date. With great probability, the statue was inside the House of Mary between 1892 and 1914 before its present location.

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