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Life of Mary in Ephesus

“As soon as receiving the Holy Spirit, desciples started announcing Good News in public places. Then they set out forming Christian communities and guided them, they took part in the course time of their belief and expressed their principles of faith in the Council meetings. However nothing is cited about Mary. Her prayer with other women during the last supper hall ideally shows that Church activity does not mean anything alone as the Church cannot be supported without people praying together for the Kingdom of God. Therefore Mary is the first example of this praying Church.” (R. CANTALAMESSA, Maria, uno specchio per la Chiesa, Ancora, Milano 1989, pages 172-173).

Can there be a better place than the middle of a forest in a small house far away from the city center on a hill for Virgin Mary’s divine call to be perfected? In the first monastic environment, willing to devote herself completely to God, Mary was the first example of Church and House of Mary is really the ideal place of silence and holiness center.

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